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Mt. Kailash Travel Permit Update 2014

Mt.Kailash in western Tibet is expected of pilgrims of over 60,000 this summer (especially for the Saga Dawa Festival starts on May 28th to June 28th). Year 2014 is the horse year; according to Tibetan calendar which comes every 12-year, is the very right year to make a religion celebration of circuiting around Mt.Kailash at Carchen, Ngari(Ali) prefecture in Tibet China.

Thousands of people will rush into this area to make pilgrim; and government of Tibet has make a temporary policy of canceling foreigner's Permit to Ngari(Ali) prefecture due to the limited accommodation and other facility in the area. The due time is from May 20th to about 10th August 2014, so after August 10th, the area will reopen to foreigners.

Ngari(Ali) prefecture is known as the roof of the world with average altitude of over 4,500 meters. Mt.Kailash is a snow-covered peak in shaped of enormous pyramid that located in this remote and desolate land. It is regarded as the center of world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Jainism, and Bonism. Pigrilm believes that walk around the mountain for one cycle can erase their sins of this lifetime and 108 circles break the cycle of rebirth and assure of nirvana at death. In the year of horse, a circle is equal to 13 rounds because horse is the zodiac symbol of Buddha Sakyamuni. The year 2014 is the horse year and many prilgrils will travel and walk around the Mt.Kailash for religion meanings.

The Tibet Travel Permit for other regions except Mt.Kailash region is still easy to get and there is no any restrictions, as long as your permit application is made 10-15 days before the tour starting date. So for those whose date and time can't be changed, the best way is to change the Mt.Kailash on your itinerary to other places like Mt.Everest, Zhangmu, Shigatse, Nyingchi and so on. If your date is flexible, do delay your Mt.Kailash tour after 10th August or even later.