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Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street is located in the old section of Lhasa in Tibet. The street is square and encircles the Jokhang Temple. The Jokhang Temple was built in 647 and pilgrims started walking clockwise around the temple spinning their prayer wheels. Soon a path was formed by the thousands of pilgrims. The path was built upon and became Barkhor Street. Pilgrims can be seen daily walking or prostrating themselves clockwise around the street all day. Many pilgrims have come thousands of kilometers to reach the street. Most pilgrims will travel by prostrating themselves as they walk. They will take three steps, prostrate themselves on the street, stand up, take three more steps and repeat the process for thousands of kilometers.

The street is paved with hand made bricks and accommodated thousands of people each day. The street is lined with shops and carts selling Buddhist items, Tibetan clothing, Tibetan knives, and tea. Shopping on this street is a very unique experience due to the uniqueness of the culture and art of Tibet.