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Jinli Old Street

Jinli Old StreetLocated in the east of the Wuhou Memorial Temple (the most famous relic museum of Three Kingdoms from 220 A.D. to 280 A.D.), Chengdu, Jinli Old Street (Jinli Promenade) was originally built as a commercial street during the Shu Kingdom (221 A.D.-263 A.D.). It was once the most prosperous commercial street throughout China during the period of Qin, West Han and Three Kingdoms. Jinli Old Street was reconstructed and formally opened to the public on 1st December, 2004. It features with almost all Chengdu elements and an ideal destination for visitors who want to experience the overall Chengdu.

Jinli Old StreetJinli Old Street is 350 meters long, paved with flagstones. Flanked with traditional Chinese-style mansions, folk residences, teahouses, inns, stages, handiworks, fashionable cafes and barrooms, the age-old street reflects the integration of ancient and modern Chengdu. In Jinli Old Street, visitors can taste the authentic Chengdu foods and snacks, and purchase local specialties and traditional arts, such as Shu Embroidery, paper-cut, clay figurines, lacquer products, folk handicrafts, curios, calligraphies and paintings of celebrities.

Jinli Old Street is a reminder of ancient Chengdu, and a great place for visitors to fully appreciate Sichuan's traditional customs and folk arts. In the middle of the street, there is a wooden stage particularly designed to showcase local performances in Chengdu. Especially the Sichuan Opera and traditional Chinese shadow puppet show.