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Jianmen Pass

Jianmen Pass, located in northern Sichuan and some 117 kilometers from Chengdu, is well known as a key impregnable pass along the old Shudao(Sichuan roads in Chinese). Along the old Shudao, a retracing travel to the Three Kingdoms story can be offered.

Jianmen PassSince set up by Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms, the Jianmen Pass has been famous not only for the beauty of its steep slopes, but also for its strategic importance through the ages.

The natural pass is formed by cliffs set among 72 steep peaks along a 100-kilometer stretch of mountains. When you come to the pass, the first place you see is Jianxi Bridge (built during the Xiao Zong emperor's reign of the Ming Dynasty, more than 500 years ago and kept an intact main body ). The two peak Dajian and Xiaojian, towering loftily into the clouds, stand erect on either side of the Jianmen Pass. The barren cliffs form two great canyons, which are deep and mysterious.

Nowadays, the aged Jianmen Pass is still standing tall and upright in the middle of the Shu Road, guarding the entrance to the northern part of Sichuan Province and telling the stories about all the warfare and vicissitude of life it has witnessed in the past.

Numerous scenic resorts along the old Shudao offer visitors a glimpse of local customs and folklore. Around Jianmen Pass, walking on the Old Plank Road along the Shudao will give you a unique experience.