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Southern Bamboo Sea

Bamboo Sea, Sichuan Tours Bamboo Sea (Zhuhai in Chinese) in South of Sichuan sprawls on the border of Changning and Jiang'an counties in Yibin. It is the only major scenic area in the country proclaimed by the State Council stressed on bamboo scenery. 28 peaks scatter over the 120 square kilometers area. The entire area is, as its name suggests, a vast stretch of bamboo groves.

There are above 30 kinds of bamboos such as Nan Bamboo, Flower Bamboo, Cotton Bamboo, Imperial-Concubine-Xiang Bamboo and so on. The air is fresh, while streams run with a rich susurrus, and waterfalls tumble and splash - all these qualify the Bambbo Sea as an ideal bio-tourist destination.

In a boundless expanse of green waves there are a lot of scenic spots, such as Heavenly Emperor Temple, Arhat Cave, Heaven Palace, Pavillion of Viewing Clound, and so on.

Travel Tips
1. It is about 300 km from Chengdu to Yibin and need 4 hrs drive. Highways and high-ranked roads for the whole trip. You can take a bus at Xin-Anmen Bus Station. The price is RMB 90yuan per person.

2. The admission fee for the Bamboo Forest and the cable way respectively: 85 yuan and 30yuan per person.

3. Special food in Lizhuang and the Bamboo Forest: Burning noodles, shuanghe cool candy and river food,different bamboo shoots, wild strains, dictyphora.

4. The temperature is a little bit low. Please take the suitable clothing.