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Tibetan Folk Songs & Dance

The tunes of the Tibetan folk songs are strong or weak, long or short, and the chorus singers join the lead singer in various numbers and at different times. Chinese folk music is usually composed of five, six or seven-note scales. There are very few songs composed with a four-note scale, while three or two-note scales are extremely rare.

Local music scholars say the music may date back to the reign of King Songtsan Gambo (617 - 650 AD), which means it has existed for at least 13 centuries. The words, melodies and dancing movements of Boxie are not allowed to be changed. The performances we see today are perhaps almost the same as 1,000 years ago.

The art is passed down from one generation to another in families which perform the tradition. In today's Tibet, they perform Boxie in ceremonies of festival occasions. It's interesting to learn these Tibetan art forms before your trip to Tibet, just as appealing as the Tibetan scenery attractions.