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Messi Fan Honors Soccer Star on Qomolangma's Peak

Lionel Messi, the famous Argentine football player, posted a message on his Facebook on Tuesday to respond to the love from a fan from Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, who saluted Messi by taking a photo of himself with a jersey with "MESSI" and the number 10 printed on it after reaching the peak of Qomolangma.

Danzin Norbu is a professional mountaineer who had conquered Qomolangma, which is also known as Mount Everest in the West, six times as of May 2017. He also is an amateur soccer player.

As a fan who admires Messi, he posted the photo of him displaying Messi's Argentine jersey when he stood on the peak of Qomolangma on May 15.

Messi responded to Danzin Norbu's post on Facebook on May 23. He expressed his appreciation and congratulations to Danzin Norbu: "Congratulations to Dan Zengluobu for reaching the summit of Everest, an incredible achievement! And many thanks for showing me your affection up there."