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Submissions for Shoton Festival Photography Open

The 2018 Shoton Festival is coming soon, and the 2018 Shoton Festival themed photography collection and awarding event has been open for submissions since July 1.

The theme for submissions is “See Shoton”, and the deadline to submit is July 31. Photographs are required to be related to this theme, though the scope of subjects is not limited. Photos must be original pieces with no PS mark. Internet users are invited to vote on all submissions, and the winning works will be awarded accordingly. Prizes will be divided into one first place winner (3,000 yuan (449 US dollars) and certificate), two second prize winners (2,000 yuan (299 US dollars) and certificate), three third prize winners (1,000 yuan (150 US dollars) and certificate), and five honorable mentions (200 yuan (30 US dollars) or commemorative gifts and certificate). For those who wish to submit, they can send their works to the following email address: lsxdb@sina.cn.

If the general public would like to know more about the event, they can also follow Sina’s official Weibo: http://weibo.com/xuedunjie (Lhasa Shoton Festival) or WeChat account: Lhasaxuedunjie. The list of winners will be announced on both the official Weibo and WeChat accounts. Individual winners will be contacted privately to be notified of their awards and prize money will be issued to their Alipay account or bank card account.

Entries should be original works, and the work must indicate the author’s name (should be consistent with their ID card). The author is responsible for any consequences resulting from copyright infringement with their entry. The author is responsible for the legality of their work, and all entries shall not involve content that contradicts national laws and regulations. Remuneration will not be given for all entries, and entries will not be rejected. At the same time, as the number of entries last year did not reach the competition quantity, which resulted in last year’s submissions cannot be compared. Therefore, this year’s themed photography competition will be added to the works of last year’s and be compared with this year’s works.