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Things to do in Sichuan

Sichuan has some amazing unique aspects that cannot be found anywhere else in China. Its unique blend of culture, nightlife and food make it an unforgettable destination and a great addition to any China Tours.

Sichuan Opera:
Famous throughout the world, Sichuan Opera is a very important part of Sichuan culture and was one of the main styles that contributed to create the famous Peking Opera. Developed over centuries, Sichuan Opera combines martial arts, singing, fire breathing, changing faces, and juggling pottery. It is these unique aspects that make Sichuan Opera such an unforgettable experience.

Tea Houses:
There are teahouses scattered throughout Sichuan. Tea is an integral part of daily life and many locals love to spend hours in a traditional tea house. Tea houses are much more than just a place to drink tea. They are used for business meetings, parties, and as a form of entertainment. Many Teahouses offer free entertainment, and visitors can enjoy the show while drinking a cup of traditional Chinese Tea.

Sichuan Opera
Sichuan Nightlife

Sichuan, although famous for its ancient culture, is also home to a hopping nightlife. Bars, pubs, and nightclubs can be found in every city and are a great place to unwind after a day of touring. There is a large selection of different styles, so everyone can find a place that appeals to their individual tastes. The nightspots are a great place to meet other travelers, make friends, and relive the days events.